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How to Overcome 7 Cultural Barriers to Wealth that Keep Millions Broke

Roots to Wealth is not an ordinary financial course. Inspired by his long, professional experience as a financial specialist as well as clients' confessions and research, author Tom Graneau dove deep into the root causes of our economic failures and provided practical solutions for financial growth.  

The information is thought-provoking, insightful, entertaining, and UNCOMMON. 

Though some things about money never change, nowhere will you find a more provocative point of view about personal finance outside of this course: not from college professors, financial planners, economists, bankers, or even your typical investors.  
ADVANCED COURSE - phase (2) of pennies to power


How to Supercharge Your Savings and Stockpile Money Like the Rich

There are some people (economists, financial planners, investors, and others) who put their faith and confidence in Wall Street and its investment products.

Yet, history shows that our stock market  repeatedly disappoints those who rely on it for financial growth and stability.

But if not Wall Street, where can you invest money safely and confidently without losing it? Is there such a place or system?
The simple answer is, yes. There, you can watch your money grow tax-free, use it tax-free, and transfer it to your family tax-free?

For decades, banks, big corporations, and the super rich have been taking advantage of this
well-hidden system. 

The good news is that you can do the same with information from my upcoming course: 
The Wealth-Builder’s Alternative.

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