Meaning and Purpose

Pennies to Power® is an educational concept that promotes financial success through modest means.  
The premise is anyone, including you, can begin a wealth-building program, starting with pennies. YOU can grow a fortune on a small income.  
You may have doubts that this is possible, especially as you struggle with your debt-ridden, cash-deprived condition. But the truth is you can overcome your economic difficulties and become financially independent.   
The information on this site (courses) are written with one goal in mind: To take you from PENNIES TO POWER.  

Meet Your Instructor 

Hi, there: Thanks for stopping by. 

My name is Tom Graneau, a veteran, author, and financial management educator. I'm also an ordained minister and financial specialist.  

Generally, I’m a self-improvement advocate, especially with regards to personal success. This means helping you become a better YOU in some of the most critical areas of life.  

Among other things, I'm passionate about personal finance. This is partly because of my personal struggle with excessive debt, and its consequences as well as those of my clients. 

It is my belief that despite our unfortunate past (excessive debt, little or no savings, etc.) and present circumstances, we can become financially successful. This is especially true for young people — those who are willing to listen and follow the counsel of older and wiser adults.

As an author and financial management coach, my aim is to help you avoid some of the financial pitfalls that I and thousands of my clients have experienced over the years. 

The journey begins by first understanding and applying the basic concepts outlined in Roots to Wealth. This course is Phase 1 of a two-part program designed to help you attain financial freedom.   

I'm convinced that YOU can become financially independent with the right training and motivation. This course provides both. 

It is my hope that you will enroll in the program today and begin to change your financial future. 


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