How to Overcome 7 Cultural Barriers
to Wealth that Keep Millions Broke

Getting ahead financially requires knowledge and inspiration. Roots to Wealth, a basic course to economic freedom, provides both.

Packed with practical solutions to either fix or prevent financial problems, the course reveals how to overcome seven cultural barriers to success that keep millions of people broke.

Inspired by his long, professional experience as a financial specialist and in-depth research, author Tom Graneau dove deep into the root causes of our economic failures and provides practical solutions for financial growth and stability.

A Pragmatic  Approach to Money

Roots to Wealth is a thought-provoking, insightful, and entertaining approach to money management.

It gets down to the troubling issues in personal finance and reveals what keeps millions of people broke, despite their effort to get ahead financially.
Though some things about money never change, nowhere will you find a more provocative point of view about personal finance outside of this course: not from college professors, financial planners, economists, bankers, or even your typical investors.

You can be confident that the knowledge you'll gain from the course will put you in
the upper 10% of the population, placing you ahead of your peers to make financial headway.

Today, you have the chance to get ahead financially. Decide to bring an end to your cash-deprived, debt-ridden financial condition that's likely to keep you broke forever.

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journey to financial freedom.

Some of the Benefits of the Course 

Roots to Wealth is uniquely prepared for ease and comfort.

Though you are encouraged to take notes as you watch the program, all you need to do is sit and listen.

Here are some of the things you'll learn as you go through the program:

Using the Economy to  Your Advantage

Discover how to make the economy work for you, not against you. 

The 5 Basic Functions of Money for wealth-building 

Discover the 5 basic functions of money that most people ignore and how to use them to your advantage.

Ways Around the #1 Money Problem

Learn how to get around the #1 money problem that keeps millions of people broke and hurting for cash. 

Understanding the Root Causes of Money Problems

Unearth the root causes of our financial problems and learn how to neutralize their effects on your financial goals.  

Getting Ahead of the Pack  

Discover how to avoid being led by a culture that wants to keep you broke forever, like the masses. 

Avoiding the Biggest Financial Tragedy in life

Learn how to prevent the worst financial tragedy in life - retiring poor, like most people.

The Best Financial Strategy for saving money

Learn the best financial strategy for beginners to start saving money and building a fortune over time.

End the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Problem

Discover ways to change the cyclical pattern of living paycheck-to-paycheck and start making financial headway.
These are just a few of the many economic benefits you will gain from this course. The entire content is designed to change your financial outlook, improve your bottom line, and help you succeed financially. 

Make Today a Memorable Event 

Enroll in the course and begin to re-shape your financial future the way you've always imagined it.

After all, is there a better investment than financial education? It's the most valuable ASSET in the world of money, and you need it to get ahead. 

So, forget about the unprofitable years of your life and begin to look ahead with hope and optimism. Become part of the upper 10% of the population that understands the economy, know how to get ahead of the masses, and win BIG financially. 

A Price You Can't Refuse 

The regular price for Roots to Wealth is $495.95. But today, you can purchase the course for only $247.95, which is a 50% discount from the original price.

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Note: The total course price above includes a value added or sales tax.


As you recall from the video, enrolling in Roots to Wealth today is a hassle-free, money back guarantee. If this course doesn’t meet your expectation, simply request your money back. I will promptly refund 100% of your payment, no questions asked!

So what do you have to loose,  except the shame of staying broke and
dying poor? Click on the button below to change the outcome of your financial future forever.  
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